On-Site, Off-Road Trucking:
If your jobsite has limited access, our off-road trucking capabilities shine.  Our fleet of all-wheel drive Freightliner (including the latest generator of M916A3 AWD), Volvo and Oshkosh trucks and tractors and steerable Goldhofer trailers  can help get equipment and materials back into place and our all-terrain cranes can get it set in place.

Rigging Services:
Whether you need to set a 100,000 lb, multi-million dollar  MRI module, a 127,000 lb natural gas compressor, a 70,000 lb communication shelter, a 90 ft diameter geodesic dome or a 130 ft long aggregate conveyor, ITC has the crane rental and service expertise, equipment and rigging experience you need to do the job right.  We have the ability to engineer, fabricate and deploy customized rigging hardware and solutions to meet the needs of your project.  From spreader assemblies to lifting beams we have you covered.

Off-road crane counterweight carrier.  Freightliner straight all wheel drive truck.




Experience and safety
are the critical keys to every heavy rigging lift or on-road or off-road hauling project. For Industrial Truck and Crane, Inc., the lift is the easy part. Precision planning and engineering are fundamental to completing difficult lift projects and are major reasons for Industrial Truck and Crane's solid reputation. By integrating quality equipment and planning with an appreciation for working within tight spaces, schedules and budgets, your projects will be made as safe and cost-effective as possible.
Short-term Storage
Transformer on our lowboy for delivery to customer site in Northwest PA
If your trucking scheduling is a potential problem, or if your jobsite is extremely tight, we offer unloading and short-term storage services at our fenced-in Harrisville crane rental yard.  Towers, comm shelters, equipment and fabricated steel are all common visitors to our storage areas.  We can then reload your materials and equipment on either your truck or ours and get them delivered to your jobsite on a Just-In-Time basis.


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